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December 31, 2017

December 27, 2016

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Vans Warped Tour 2015

July 30, 2015

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17 for 2017

December 31, 2017

2017 was a year of learning and new experiences for me. I had my ups and downs and a few uninspired months but I'm feeling better and ready to take on 2018. I'm still in shock thinking about some of the things I was able to accomplish and I wouldn't change this year for anything. 


Here are my 17 favourite photos of 2017.  These are not in order by any means, rather just my favourites in general. 





                        1. September 12th, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Selfish Things walking to stage to perform in Thunder Bay, supporting Simple Plan.

This year I traveled across the country with 5 people who would soon become my best friends/brothers. This tour was a first for almost all of us and I couldn't have asked for a better team to experience this with. I'm so thankful for the memories created and cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for these guys. 






2. July 13, Darien Lake, NY


William Gould of Creeper on Vans Warped Tour. 

With Warped calling it a quits, I'm happy I've been able to photograph it the past few years. A lot of my style is using concert lighting to make the photo stand out, so Warped, being out in the daylight, has always been a challenge for me. This year I can finally say I'm proud of what I captured and there may be a few from this day on the list. 






3. July 15, Toronto, ON


Nic Pettersen of Northlane at the Opera House. 

This show was arguably the first show where I was allowed to photograph from stage (bless you Kurt for saving my camera from that crowd) and I will admit that I may have gotten a little close to the drum kit at a few points. But hey, I avoided destruction and the near miss was worth this shot. Thank you Northlane for allowing me into your space.






4. October 17, Toronto, ON


Lynn Gunn of PVRIS at the Danforth Music Hall. 

PVRIS is a band that I've been wanting to shoot for years and in 2017, I finally was able to accomplish it. 






5.  October 11, Toronto, ON


Briton Bond of Wage War at the Rebel

Wage War released one of my favourite albums this year so I was very excited to see them perform. Thanks Briton for falling into the monitor and giving me this perfectly framed shot. 






6.  March 2, Toronto, ON


Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil at the Danforth Music Hall

I grew up listening to Pierce the Veil so I knew I had to see them when they came through Toronto. Now if you know me, usually I hate red but I can actually work with this photo.






7. July 13, Darien Lake, NY


Elliott Gruenberg of Blessthefall at Vans Warped Tour. 

Because I like hair flips. 





8. September 7, Edmonton, AB


Alex Biro of Selfish Things at Union Hall.

This was my least favourite venue I've ever shot at due to the tiny triangle for a stage and the awkward half a foot wide barricade that had me crouching in the corner to stay out of the way BUT -  I took some of my favourite shots. Maybe it's because I was forced pretty much on stage with the band, maybe its Maybeline, we'll never know. Anyways, here's Alex hiding his face.






9. July 15, Toronto, ON 



Keaton Goldwire of Invent Animate at the Opera House.

LOOK AT THOSE TONES!! Also again, I like hair flips. 






10. September 16, Toronto, ON.


Simple Plan at the Danforth Music Hall. 

A crowd shot AND a jump shot? Yeah, I'll take it. The Danforth Music Hall is my second home/place of work and to be able to come through there working on a tour was so much fun. I hung out with old friends, coworkers, and my new friends I was on the road with.. and I got to call it work. It doesn't top the Winnipeg show, but its up there. 






11. October 15, Toronto ON


Back at the Danforth Music Hall with yet another crowd shot because lets keep these going. I believe the band was I Prevail and I believe it took me approximately two days to get the confetti out of my hair but I love how this looks, enjoy.






12. September 3, Banff, AB


Selfish Things and crew.

On our drive from Toronto to Vancouver we were able to see some of the best views Canada has to offer. With my heart being subpar, it was a team effort to help me back up the hill to our van, but this view was worth it. Shoutout to the guys for being there for me. These are the days I will never forget. 






13. April 6, Toronto, ON


Drew Dijorio of Stray From the Path at the Danforth Music Hall. 

Don't have much to say about this one or a story but I love watching Stray live and love how this came out. 







14. July 13, Darien Lake, NY


Trevor Wentworth of Our Last Night. 

The minute Warped began I started seeing some really cool photos of Our Last Night being posted from photographers I was following and I knew I had to photograph them myself. Some of my favourite photos from the day were of this band, here is one of them. 






15. September 18, Montreal, QC


Max Ellis of The Bottom Line at the Metropolis. 

Your girl finally got that jump shot. I've taken a few jump shots here and there but this one has to be my favourite. 





16. July 13, Darien Lake, NY


Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose 

Black and White photos above everything. I love the simplicity and contrast in this. Oh, and Knocked Loose are cool. 






17. April 6, Toronto, ON


Nick McLernon of Make Them Suffer.

Had to end this with another photo taken at the Danforth because I spend 90% of my time there anyways. I've found that I either love or hate photographing guitarists. There's usually no inbetween. Some stand around looking bored out of their minds and then there's some like Nick, who I pretty much have to chase to capture a cool photo of (which is much more fun). 


So that concludes it my friends. Thank you to everyone who has ever encouraged me along my journey, it is only now getting started. And thank you to those who told me I'd never be good enough because it is so much fun proving people wrong. I never imagined any of this when I first picked up a camera, I was just a kid who liked taking photos at concerts because I wanted memories to look back on. 


Here's to 2018 and the adventures it'll bring! 







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